I’m a teacher by day and a bikepacker by summer.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words Instagram is all one needs to share or remember their experiences. Yet, after a big ride, run, or weekend camping I often find myself struggling to concisely articulate all that unfolded. Sometimes a picture needs a thousand words to fully capture the experience.

For example, on a bike-packing trip through New Mexico I posted the following photo and short caption to my Instagram:

“Changing landscapes. Traveling by bike slows you down and allows you to fully experience the changes around you. This high open meadow is more reminiscent of southern Colorado than the deserts we road through in southern New Mexico. We gladly welcomed the crisp air, lush plants and abundant surface water in this remote, northernmost part of the enchanted state.” 

In the moment, I wasn’t actively reflecting on the changing landscapes.  Instead, my mind raced about the changes of those closest to me.  A brief window of cell reception delivered a call from my folks with the news my father had cancer. Simultaneously, my father-in-law stood hunched over his handlebars declaring he needed to cut the trip over 1,200 miles short.  A picture and 150 characters can’t begin to describe this moment.

To alleviate this quagmire I started a blog. Maybe friends, family, or strangers will read my ramblings, but this space is more for me to reflect on, process, and memorialize my wanderings that are worthy of some verbosity.

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