The Golden Hour

Day 22. July 9.

62 Miles.

Teton National Park, WY to Warm Springs Campground, ID

We started early once again-out of camp by 6:00 am. We call the first hour of the day the golden hour. Soft light, calm winds, and quiet roads. Peddling out of Teton National Park at this time is serene. No big RVs, no selfie sticks.

Just a private view of the Tetons.

After a quick 18 Miles on pavement we bellied up to the breakfast buffet at Flagg Ranch. I’m a big fan of second breakfasts and a buffet offers the opportunity to get in a third breakfast. Bahne’s dropped some weight but I think I’m holding strong at my pre-trip weight class.

A gravel road along the Snake river emptied us out of the park and onto national forest land bordering Yellowstone National Park. Short, punchy climbs with long descents kept up a grunt and grin cycle.

Before we knew it we were gazing at the west side of the Tetons in Idaho. We waited out the heat of the day over beers and chicken wings at Squirrel Creek Ranch. Once back on the road the landscape changed from woods to crops and we peddled the last dozen miles in vibrant fields of wheat and potatoes.

Once at Warm Springs Campground we rinsed off in the river, (a year round temp of 52) chatted with other cyclists, and tried our best to sleep. A screaming toddler dashed any hope for shut eye. But even screamers get tired and eventually we got some rest.

Day 23. July 10.

50 Miles.

Warm Springs to Red Rock RV Park

We spent the golden hour today riding a rails trail along the Warm Spring River. Before RVs and bike trails tourists could take the train into Yellowstone. The sandy volcanic soils make riding the trail tricky so after 10 Miles we jumped on a quiet dirt road paralleling the trail. We weren’t the only ones to make this choice-we crossed paths with a bear! We saw each other at a safe distance so we could each stare at one another and then meander off unharmed.

A large chunk of today’s route rides flowy two track. For better or worse these trails are shared with ATV’s. Fortunately for us it wasn’t a weekend but we still got dusted by a few blaring down the trail.

Climbing ATV cattle guards with the Tetons looming in the background.

Red Rocks RV Park is our lodging of choice tonight. Typically I prefer primitive camping or secluded campgrounds but we opted for the RV Park to get one last shower and wash our clothes one more time. After crossing into Montana tomorrow morning we will only have 150 miles left! I’m full of bittersweet excitement.

Happy Hour is just as good as the Golden Hour

3 thoughts on “The Golden Hour

  1. Anchovies?? Good thing it was a shower/wash stop. 😁

  2. There have been so many times that I wish I wast there……..Pat

  3. Smoked oysters!! Yep-I knew there would be bear safe garbage so I picked them up in town.

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