Cruising Through Wyoming in Style

The last three days we have ridden big miles (for us) with a lot of spontaneous social interactions. Meaning, I’ve had little time to write. To keep you up to speed I’ll boil it down to the high and low points of each day then add pictures and elaborate more when I find time.

Day 19. July 6.

60 Miles.

Hayfield Primitive Campsite to Cyclist Rental in Green River Valley

High Points:

  • Gut bomb breakfast in Boulder, WY
  • Pinedale. It might be Wyoming’s best kept secret.

Low Point:

  • Having to wait for a bunch of cows to cross the road. Never mind, that was pretty neat.

Day 20. July 7.

48 Miles.

Cyclist Rental to Cabin near Union Pass

High Points:

  • High Alpine Meadows on the way to Union Pass
  • Sharing lunch and breaks with Bill and Jack-two other Divide riders
  • A screaming downhill with killer mountain views off the pass.
  • Being invited to sleep in a stranger’s cloud. Translation:a friendly couple we met at a restaurant invited us to stay at their cabin and their guest bed provided a fluffy night of rest.

Low Points:

  • Mosquitos. Mosquitoes. And Mosquitoes.
  • Side by Sides zipping by and coating us in dust.

Day 21. July 8.

61 Miles.

Cabin near Union Pass to Adventure Cycling’s campsite in Colter Bay Village, Teton National Park

High Points:

  • An easy climb up Togwotee pass followed by 35 of the most scenic miles I’ve ridden.
  • Watching my father-in-law be awestruck by the magnificence of the Tetons
  • Being invited to share a meal and campsite with an Adventure Cycling tour

Low Point:

  • Feeling lethargic in the morning. Fixed this problem with a microwave burrito at lava mountain lodge, nachos at togwotee lodge, and an extra cup of Jo. Or maybe it was 17 miles of downhill with the Tetons as a distraction?

Today we crossed into Idaho. Wyoming though was an absolute treat.

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