Skirting the Wind River Range

July 5th. Day 18. 58 Miles.

Atlantic City to Roscoe Hayfield.

I wake to loud gusts of wind pushing against my tent. I shudder thinking about facing a headwind yet again. Peering out at the flag I see it’s a north wind. I glance at the map and am delighted to see the first 15 miles of the day veering south. We pack again in quiet-this time with the company of two other Divide riders.

The climb out of Atlantic City is steep yet bearable with a gentle push from the wind. We are greeted with more sage but also by looming purple mountains. We coast a stretch of smooth, downhill pavement rolling into a new rest area to enjoy our breakfast along the Sweetwater River.

Glancing again at the map I notice the route turns northwest. As we round the turn a gentle wind aids us along. The wind shifted! I find myself continually uttering one word. Wow!

We ride along the continental divide for miles with sweeping views of the Wind River Range to the north and a basin to the south. The riders we set out with are now far ahead. We peddle slowly stopping often to take in the magnificence of it all.

We drop down from the Divide into the lush valley surrounding Little Sandy Creek. Laying in the soft grass we drift off to sleep.

With fresh legs we peddle on. The serenity interrupted by the chase of a sheep dog. Walking our bikes we diffuse the threat. A father son pair from Maine greet us cheerfully, followed by a Minnesota Teacher. Word is the two we started with aren’t far ahead of us.

4 more miles to our planned site on the Big Sandy River. When we arrive no trespassing signs and fences block all access to the river. Time for plan B. Studying the map we find our options: 9 Miles to primitive camping, 30 to Bolder, 42 to Pinedale. We opt for nine.

We move swiftly at camp as the mosquitos wage war. Set up tents. Boil water. Eat. Wash up. Sleep.

1 thought on “Skirting the Wind River Range

  1. Hope your bugs aren’t too bad. 😬

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