Family, Friends, and Strangers

June 25: Day 9. 16 Miles. Breckenridge to Dillon

June 26, Day 10. 64 Miles. Dillon to Pumphouse Rec Area

Hot and windy

People are good. No, really good. Family, friends, and strangers continue to provide fantastic support for this journey.

Jammin’ to a FREE Esme Patterson show with my stellar cousins

To start, my rad cousins hung with me in Denver and Colorado Springs before the trip. I strive to write as eloquently as my lady cousins Savanna and Kelsey. Take a minute to Here and Here . Nick gives the best hugs of all my cousins and warms any heart with his deep laugh.

Friends near and far continue to reach out by offering places to stay or verbal encouragement. Thank you! Miranda Simmons, a friend from our Iowa days, was quick to reach out. On Tuesday, we took a short, relaxing ride from Breckenridge to Miranda’s house in Dillon. Her porch is perched on a southern hillside and we swapped trail stories late until the golden hour.

We meet strangers daily in towns and on the route. The eclectic hostel crowd is always inspiring and entertaining. We shared breakfast with an older European cycling couple, a solo female cycling east across America, a solo female Colorado trail thru hiker, a couple cycling west across America, and two dudes that maybe were living at the hostel or bumming breakfast.

Gear room at the Hostel. Many bikes not pictures.

But, today on the hottest day of our trip yet the best trail magic arrived. My Dad and nephew Croix brought cold snacks and the willingness to carry our gear for a few days. At 64 miles, we put in our biggest day yet and rolling into a camp full of ice cold drinks and grilled burgers helped revitalize these tired bones.

Our campsite rests along the Colorado river. The cool water lowered our body temps and the sound of the rustling water now makes my eyelids heavy as I write. A few strangers we’ve met along the way have warned us of the climb ahead. Sounds like tomorrow’s going to be a good day to take the bikes for a walk.

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