Saturday in Salida

Day 6

Sargents to Salida

43 Miles

Low 30’s climbing to 80’s

Calm with increasing west winds

Monastic in nature my morning routine is getting dialed in. At 5:15 am the sun gradually rises me awake. I pack. Starting with sleeping gear, moving to clothes, and finishing with my tent. We leave just pass 6 am. With temps in the 30’s, I start bundled and then methodically remove layers as the sun starts to peak over the mountains. At first, we ride mostly in silence as we witness the coming of the day. Each morning we’ve spooked different wildlife. A herd of mule deer in velvet. A pair of antelope. A lone coyote, elk, and then moose. We take breaks as our legs tire, conversing more. As we near the top of the pass sentences shorten, breaks lengthen. Once over the pass it’s all smiles as the miles melt away.

So it went today as we climbed up 2,500 feet to Marshall Pass and then cruised 4,000 ft down into Salida.

Most towns along the Great Divide wouldn’t classify as a town to many. If it has a bar, a post office, and/or a church it’s a town. Salida has it all-bike shops, hostels, breweries, and a local food scene. I spent most of my time overstimulated and soaked up every minute of it. A kid balancing on a three foot ball. High school Shakespeare in the park. A local circus complete with stilts and snakes. Art walk. Bluegrass pouring into the streets. Road bikes. Touring bikes. Mountain bikes. Cruiser bikes. I think this town is into bikes and I dig it.

Simple Lodge and Hostel

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