The Art of Packing

What I decide to bring and where I stuff it is never finalized. Micro-changes happen daily while riding. Rarely do I set out for a trip and say “I wish I brought….”. Visits to the post office become the norm. Deodorant sounds necessary on day one and becomes irrelevant after a week without a shower.

Except for food, I always wish I had more food.

Behold, my pack list. Check back for updates and pictures the more I tinker.

Big Tires=Small Clearance

Revelate Seat Pack:
Big Agnes fly creek tent
rain pants
cooking cup
grocery bags for emergency toe warmers/gloves
solar light strapped to top
crocks strapped outside


Wanderlust Top Tube Bag:
light charger chord
phone charger chord
anker power bank
garmin charger
camera lens
lip balm

Revelate Bar Bag: Waterbottle

Wanderlust Bar Bag: Snacks

Mounted to Handle Bars:
garmin in-reach

Dense, creamy calories.

2 water bottle holders
1 water bottle holder with small PB
Dry Bag on Salsa HD Anything cage: toiletries, sunglasses, first aid, extra food

Revelate Sweet Roll Bag:
sleeping bag
2 spare wool socks
camp shorts
thermal t-shirt, long sleeve, and long pants
lightweight Capilene long sleeve

ultralight down coat

Stuff sack outside roll bag:
sleeping pad
Houdini jacket
misc clothes (light gloves, hat, buff, arm warmers, leg warmers, pack towel)

Gug-Gear Frame Bag:
Food (might swap places with toiletry or first aid kit bag at some point)
spork and map in the side pocket

Purple Tool Bag strapped inside frame:

Spare tube and basic repair items

Bike pump strapped below the top tube.

Down Tube:
water bottle holder with snacks or water depending on the need
possibly an extra tube if it fits

Items I love but think I’ll go without this year:

  • hooded lightweight fleece
  • synthetic vest
  • waterbed

Talking trip planning and logistics is my jam.

What treasured item(s) do you take with you every time?

What unnecessary item rides along with you?

Drop a line in the comments.


Some will get ditched last minute, others ditched at the post office.  Most get a free-ride.



3 thoughts on “The Art of Packing

  1. I can’t believe you have all that packed!

  2. Cathy-I wish I could get by with less but I’ve learned a little extra on long trips makes the time more enjoyable.

  3. Do you have your mama’s love in your pocket?

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